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Other Medway Children's Centres
There are a number of other Children's Centres within the Medway area and whilst some services may only be available for families living within a particular location you are welcome find out what's on offer at these other Centres.

Simply click the link below to view each Centre's web site.

The following Centres have yet to deliver their web sites:

  • Hand in Hand Children's Centre 
  • Bligh Children's Centre 
  • Gun Lane Children's Centre 
  • Riverside Children's Centre 
  • Saxon Way Primary School and Children's Centre 
  • Wayfield Children's Centre
Brompton Children's Centre
Link to King Fishers Childrens CentreKing Fisher Childrens Centre
Link_to Miers Court Children's Centre Miers Court Children's Centre
Link to St Margaret's at Troy Town Children's CentreSt Margarets at Troy Town Children's Centre
Link to St. James' Children's CentreSt James C of E Children's Centre
Link to Woodlands Primary School Children's Centre Woodlands Children Centre
 Link to Burnt oak Children's Centre Website  Burnt Oak Children's Centre
 Link_to_Web_Site.jpg Lordswood Children Centre
 Link to The Children's Centre at Temple Mill Children's Centre  The Children's Centre at Temple Mill
 Link_to_Web_Site.jpg  The Delce Children's Centre
 Link to Deanwood Childrens Centre Website  Deanwood Children's Centre
 Link to Woodlands Children Centre Website  Woodlands Children Centre

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